English – Dorilton Capital


We prefer to create value over the longer term by reinvesting cash flow while avoiding excessive leverage.


We work actively with existing management teams recognizing that long-term business success is the result of a team effort. Dorilton views its role as providing additional capital for acquisitions and growth projects and support and expertise to take its companies to the next level.


We partner with companies that are led by strong management teams and have a successful history and culture. We firmly believe in our companies continuing with the elements that have made them successful.


Seeking to Invest in Middle Market Businesses

Dorilton Capital is a private investment firm seeking to acquire, recapitalize, and support the long-term growth of middle market businesses across a range of industry sectors. We seek control situations and prefer to partner with incumbent management to create value over the long term. Since inception, including bolt-on acquisitions, Dorilton Capital has completed over 50 transactions.

Target Companies

  • Established businesses with demonstrated profitability and cash flow generation
  • Strong management teams
  • New platform companies with EBITDA generally between $4m and $25m
  • Smaller companies can be considered as bolt-ons to our existing portfolio companies

Acquisition Structure

  • Only consider change of control transactions
  • Existing equity holders to retain a significant ongoing equity interest post transaction for new platforms
  • Invest in the common equity side-by-side with management shareholders
  • Conservative in our use of leverage in transactions

Target Industries

  • Deep, fragmented industries with opportunity for consolidation through bolt-ons
  • Industrial Services including heavy machinery moving, crating, industrial cleaning, calibration services, equipment rental and non-destructive testing
  • Healthcare Services including post-acute services, compliance, lab services, physician practices and behavioral health
  • Other facility and business services

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