IoT Security Event – Microsoft experts

June 30, 2020 9:00 AM PST

We have entire companies working remotely, needing to get online and connect. They’re figuring out how to engage customer digitally – and for industries like healthcare, this means increased remote patient monitoring. They’re looking to maximize efficiencies and build products for an evolving world.

At the heart of these conversations is the topic of security. How do we monitor and respond to threats? How do we authenticate and manage remote connections? How do we build security into new products or already existing devices?

During this virtual IoT in Action security event, Microsoft experts and a featured speaker from an independent research firm will discuss the latest IoT security trends and best practices, including:

  • Evolving security needs and expectations – from both organizations and consumers
  • The seven properties for ensuring your IoT solutions are built on a foundation of security
  • The value of investing in IoT security and where to get started
  • The role embedded developers and device operators play in IoT security
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Find the right partner for your business needs

As you look to pivot existing initiatives or receive additional support, finding the right partner is a key piece of the puzzle. Whether you need support digitizing operations, staying connected with customers, or developing solutions to better serve the needs of society, Microsoft and our partners can help you get to the next stage of your IoT journey.

Once you sign up, you receive exclusive access to the Partner Finder, an online portal featuring partners ready to help you build, customize, finish, or deploy a solution. Browse the IoT solutions and services they have available, and once you’ve found the right fit for your needs, a Microsoft team member will help introduce you.

Find the right partner for your business needs

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IoT Security Overview

As organizations figure out how to deliver and enable connected products and business processes around the world, often remotely, we are also seeing the IoT landscape rapidly change. And out of this change, a few key questions emerge. At the forefront: what should embedded developers and device operators be doing to either disallow connectivity or implement practices that protect devices from cybersecurity attacks? This session covers this question in depth and discusses how you can simplify and accelerate the development of IoT solutions using out-of-the-box connectivity offered by Azure IoT.
Rodney Clark
Vice President, IoT and Mixed Reality Sales
Merritt Maxim
Vice President & Research Director
Forrester Research

Reimagining Secure IoT Healthcare

The recent global crisis has shed a light on both the limitations and risks of healthcare monitoring, especially for compromised and at-risk patients. Emerging from all of this is the increased use of remote patient monitoring – and yet this also raises questions of security. We will explore how you can use IoT solutions to help improve and modernize patient care while also reimagining the role security plays in healthcare technology.
Sally Frank
Healthcare IoT Advisor | Global Black Belt Team
Merritt Maxim
Vice President & Research Director
Forrester Research

Azure Sphere Security Services

Every child’s toy, every household’s appliance, every industry’s piece of equipment. There is a deep societal need for every network-connected device to embody the highest levels of security so as to prevent exposure to device security and privacy failures. Unfortunately, high development and maintenance costs have limited strong security to high-cost or high-margin devices, and it’s often hard to know where to start or what to prioritize. This session helps give you a guide to getting started by sharing the seven properties we believe all highly secure devices should possess.
Galen Hunt
Distinguished Engineer and Managing Director, Azure Sphere
Merritt Maxim
Vice President & Research Director
Forrester Research

Developing an IoT Security Practice for Durable Innovation

As business practices evolve and the need for connectivity grows, it has never been more essential for organizations to secure their mission-critical devices. In this session, we will share how to define a security model, as well as the required capabilities for mitigating security risks.
Danielle Damasius
Principal Lead Program Manager, Azure Sphere
Josh Nash
Principal Product Planner

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