How to Record Webcam Video using VLC Media Player

For recording videos from your Laptop or Desktop webcam using VLC Media Player, you will have to use the Capture Device feature present in VLC’s Media menu. This special feature will allow you to select your webcam as your capture device and then stream what is captured to a file. Basically, you’re telling VLC to capture your webcam video and save it into a file.

This is a really simple way to record video using the already present webcam in your machine. This feature also allows you to specify advanced options like the ratio of the videos width and height, and the total size of the video. The quality of the video depends upon the specifications or Megapixels, and other built-quality of the webcam that you have.

We will be using the “Open Capture Device” feature which is accessible from “Media > Open Capture Device”. In the options we will be choosing “DirectShow” feature which will allow us to select our webcam as our video recording device.

If you did not get that, then follow these detailed steps:

  • Go to Media > Open Capture Device [CTRL + C].
    Open Capture Device
  • In Capture Mode, make sure “DirectShow” is selected.
  • In Video device name, choose your webcam: HD WebCam.
  • Optional:
    • For Audio, you can specify “Microphone” or “Stereo Mix”. Microphone is your default mic and Stereo Mix is the sound that your device is playing. Just leave it to “Default” option if you are unsure.
    • Other optional fields that you can specify are the video size and advanced options such as “Picture aspect-ratio”.
  • After setting up the options, choose “Stream”, hit next and you reach “Stream Output” step.
    Webcam Capture Options
  • Hit next in Direct Show (dshow) options.
  • In “Stream Output” be sure “File” is selected in “New destination” and hit add.
    New File Destination
  • Browse and give a file name and extension for container. Hit save.
    Destination File
  • Choose a video profile. The default one works great. Hit next.
    Video Profile
  • In the final step hit “Stream”, VLC will minimize and your webcam will begin recording.
  • The moving time counter tells us that the video is recording. Hit “Stop” button in VLC to stop recording. The video will be saved as a file you specified before.
    Stop Streaming

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