Linda Popov – Faith Communities

Research shows that children who commit senseless acts of violence believe that life, including their own lives, has little meaning. When the Kavelin Popov family originally saw the need to do something to counteract violence and suicide among children and youth, they looked to the sacred texts of the world’s religions for the meaning of life. Woven like a silver thread of unity amongst them all are the virtues, described as the qualities of the Creator, the attributes of the human soul, and the very purpose of life. Service, love, faith, unity, honor.

How do we enrich our daily spiritual practices to authentically reflect our beliefs? Diverse faith communities throughout the world apply The Virtues Project™ in their services, religious education classes, and holy season celebrations. We have always offered multi-faith materials. Now we have a line of Family Virtues Cards tailored to each of many Faith traditions, using their own scriptures. They are used by families and religious educators to help make their religious ideals real.

Do a Virtues Pick with your Scriptures using the links to the right.


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