WCG Active Research

Microbiome Immunity Project
Did you know that trillions of bacteria live inside and on your body? In this comprehensive study of the human microbiome, you can help scientists understand the role these bacteria play in disease.
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Aug 2017
Smash Childhood Cancer
Since 2009, World Community Grid has been part of the fight against childhood cancer. This project continues that work by expanding the search for better treatments to more types of childhood cancer.
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Jan 2017Nov 2018
Help scientists search for antiviral drugs to combat the Zika virus, which can cause severe neurological problems, including birth defects in children whose mothers were infected during pregnancy.
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May 2016
Help Stop TB
Tuberculosis killed 1.5 million people in 2014, making it one of the world’s deadliest diseases. You can help researchers learn more about this disease and how to overcome it.
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Mar 2016
FightAIDS@Home – Phase 2
The first phase of FightAIDS@Home made significant advances in HIV research. As the virus evolves, the research team is now pioneering the use of new analysis techniques to better identify promising anti-HIV drugs.
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Sep 2015
Outsmart Ebola Together
Ebola is a deadly virus that kills up to 90% of infected victims. Use your computer to help scientists find the most promising drug leads to fight the Ebola virus!
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Dec 2014Dec 2018
Mapping Cancer Markers
Mapping Cancer Markers aims to identify chemical markers associated with various types of cancer. This will help researchers detect cancer earlier and design more personalized cancer care by determining an individual’s susceptibility to…
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Nov 2013

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