Free & Open Source Learning Management Systems

This is a list of the very best free, and/or open source learning management systems (LMS). A LMS is an essential tool for professionals, trainers and teachers to create online courses. These systems can be used for various e-learning projects such as hybrid learning, online/distance education, massive open online course (MOOC) and flipped classroom.

Put Your Courses Online for Free

A LMS can be defined as a software application for building, and delivering educational courses. It helps teachers deliver instructional content and activities to the students. LMSs can support different types of learning: fully online, blended (hybrid) or flipped.

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These systems are also known as Course Management Systems (CMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS)Learning Content Management System (LCMS) or Virtual Learning Environments (VLE).

Usually, these systems include similar features common to course management systems: document management,  gradebook, calendar, discussion, live chat, and assignment uploads.


Free: without cost or payment

Open source: access to the source code so that you can change if you want to

Free & Open Source LMSs

  1. Moodle > Free and open source. If you want to use Moodle, you can download and install Moodle:
    • Translated in over 100 languages.
    • Many themes and plugins are available allowing Moodle users to extend the features and change the look of the site.
  2. Sakai > Free and open source.
    • Java based
  3. Coursesites > a free version of Blackboard Learn and Collaborate.
    • You can create up to 5 courses for free
    • Web-based
  4. ILIAS > Open source and free, developed at the University of Cologne.
    • Web-based
  5. ATutor > Open source and free
    • Web-based
  6. Canvas > Open source and free.
  7. ELMS Learning Network (ELMSLN) > Free and open source
    • A free extension for Drupal, a free and open source content-management framework. This means you have to download and install Drupal first.
  8. Kornukopia > Free, Education Management System (EMS)
    • Web-based
  9. Open edX LMS > an well-known and open source platform for creating MOOCs.
    • Free and open source
  10. Chamilo LMS > Open source and free
    • Developed in Spain by the Chamilo Association.
  11. Claroline Connect > Free and open source
    • It is available in 35 languages.
  12. Forma Lms > Free and open source
    • Was born in 2012
    • Customizable and scalable
  13. Eliademy > Free
    • Web-based
  14. OLAT > Free and open source

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