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1. TablePress

1 TablePress

TablePress is a free WordPress plugin that lets you create and manage tables via its menu in the WordPress Dashboard.

1a TablePress Dashboard

When you’ve finished entering your data you can add the table to your posts or pages with a shortcode; e.g. [table id=<the-ID> /].

Here’s a typical table where you can:

  • Select the number of rows to display
  • Search for data in the table
  • Sort data on each column A-Z or Z-A

You can also change the styling of the table by entering CSS commands into the “Custom CSS” text area on the “Plugin Options” screen. For example, you could change the background color of a single row:

TablePress lets you input mathematical functions and formulas (like you have in Excel and other spreadsheets) in the table cells. Here’s an example table with some data, formulas, and results columns:

You can enhance the TablePress plugin with premium extensions. TablePress Extensions are like regular WordPress plugins, which you install in the same way. Although these are available to download for free, the developer asks for donations to support these.

Here are a few examples of the premium extensions:

  • Responsive Tables – Adjusts the tables, so they fit all screen sizes
  • Row Filtering – Allows you to display only items with a particular keyword in a column
  • Table Row Order – Lets you display the rows in random, reversed, or sorted order each time


  • Embed the tables into posts, pages, or text widgets with a simple shortcode
  • Edit the table data in a spreadsheet-like interface, so no coding is necessary
  • Import and Export tables from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files
  • Use the premium extension to make your tables mobile responsive
  • Use additional extensions for sorting, pagination, and filtering options


  • Free plus Donations for the premium extensions

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