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Introduction: Install Any Linux From a Usb the Easy Way

Are you tired of wasting all your disks on Linux distros?
Maybe your cd drive is broken?
Maybe you are simply too cool for ancient tech like CD’s?

In this Instructable I am going to show you how to install linux from a USB, the easiest way I know how.

Edit: I wrote this awhile ago (xp era!). It included a poorly made video and terrible grammar. Its had a lot of views and hopefully helped some people so I have updated the whole Instructable with better instructions.

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Step 1: What You Need

Not much! You can most likely get these things without leaving the room.

1.A copy of linux.This can be any distro you want. Choosing an OS mostly personal opinion, if you are looking for a simple user friendly OS I would suggest Linux mint

(I am using a copy of kodibuntu in the shown install)

2.You will need this program unetbootin

3. A USB.

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Step 2: UNetbootin

The program we downloaded allows you to create bootable Live USB drives.

Its extremely simple to use.

(Numbered steps match arrows on images)

1.Insert your USB and check the corresponding drive letter.

2. Open the program.

3.Click the Diskimage radiobutton.

4.Select your diskimage.

5.Select the correct drive letter for your usb

6. Click ok and watch the magic happen

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Step 3: You Now Have Linux on Your Usb!

That was easy! You are ready to install it on your computer.

Go into the bios and set it to read from usb during boot.This is different for every computer so do some research.Once you have enabled this restart with the usb plugged in.You will see a screen similar to the image.Choose default and let it do its thing.

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Step 4: Now Install It

Now its all loaded up and on the home screen(hopefully).
You will see a icon that looks like a disk and says install.
Click on it and it will.. wait for it.. install!
During the install it will ask you questions to set your preferences. All very straightforward.
You will have to reboot and that’s that. Done 🙂

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Step 5: Finished

Well that it, you should have Linux working.If something went wrong or you don’t understand then just ask a question!
If I have left anything out or you think there is a way to make this better then feel free to tell me, I don’t bite (and even if I did your safe on your side of the internet)


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