About Hashtrack

Hashtrack is nothing more than an Timesheet Online platform, where there is a system of hours control worked on each activity, on a project or in the work routine, by each employee.


How it works?

Initially, this control was done through spreadsheets on sheets of paper or notebooks, hence the name timesheet (time = hours sheet = spreadsheet). Nowadays, it is more common to find the control of hours worked in excel tables or even through software or online platforms, which give many other advantages to the managers, not only the time control.

7 Reasons to Use an Timesheet Online

Timesheet is nothing more than the hours control system worked on each activity, on a project or in the work routine, by each employee.


Control your hours accurately

The timer is done automatically, the employee only needs to turn on the timer when he starts to perform an activity and remember to turn it off when he pauses or finishes it.

Centralize all information

Using timesheet online you can register, in addition to all your projects, your activities, clients and employees. All information in one place, with easy access and possibility of sharing among platform members.


Streamline the billing process for projects

Online platforms allow you to bill for projects automatically. The process can be configured on the platform itself, in just a few clicks you have access to the total amount spent on each project.

Have access to strategic management information

By adopting this time tracking model you have access to various performance reports by project, activity or employee. This information gives you a complete view of the business and the team, which can be used strategically to improve management.


Increased Team Productivity

Good management of hours worked allows you to identify where there are wastages of time and how to eliminate them. Organization in the workplace and good planning of activities are essential factors to be more efficient and productive.

Save time for more important activities

In addition to helping you improve focus and increase productivity, the timesheet also helps you set deadlines by analyzing how much time you spend to accomplish each of your job tasks.


Create a high-performance team

Over time, employee behavioral behavior analysis gives the manager an understanding of how each employee works and performs each activity within each project, showing their best and worst performances. In this way, you can assign activities to maximize the potential of each employee and increase overall productivity. Do you know how to measure the productivity of your team? Can you optimize the human resource of your team?


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