Academic Name School Research area Project Title

Carl Stevenson Bioscience MCO Dopamine regulation of the neural circuitry underlying contextual fear learning
Dr. Ute Voß Bioscience MCO How hormone homeostasis contributes to drought resistance in plants.
Dr. Ute Voß Bioscience MCO How does auxin degradation shape early land plants?
Anthony Bishopp Bioscience MCO Who regulates the regulators? Identifying key components regulating auxin specificity
Zinnia Gonzelez-Carranza Bioscience MCO Modelling the molecular structural basis of the interaction between the HAWAIIAN SKIRT F-Box protein and its target using crystallography
John Harris Bioscience MCO Investigation of the analgesic and disease modifying potential of stilbenoid analogues in a pre-clinical model of osteoarthritis
Professor Rupert Fray Bioscience MCO Molecular readers of mRNA methylation
Ramiro Alberio Bioscience MCO Investigating the molecular basis of epigenetic inheritance in mammals.
Ian Fisk Bioscience MCO Exploiting the new approach of volatolomics applied for stem cell research
Elaine O’Reilly Chemistry MCO Green approaches to high-value molecules using biocatalytic cascades.
Jonathan Hirst Chemistry MCO Investigation of the activation of the two-component quorum sensing receptor system NisK/NisR in L. lactis by antibiotic nisin
Jonathan Hirst Chemistry MCO Discovering inhibitors of the bacterial conjugation repressor FinO: Computational studies
Jonathan Hirst Chemistry MCO Development and evaluation of molecular probes to examine the importance of conformational change and vibrational modes in the tuberculosis target InhA: computational studies
Neil Oldham Chemistry MCO Development of carbene footprinting technology to map proteasome interactions
Neil R. Thomas Chemistry MCO Discovering inhibitors of the bacterial conjugation repressor FinO
Neil R. Thomas Chemistry MCO Development and evaluation of molecular probes to examine the importance of conformational change and vibrational modes in the tuberculosis target InhA: Synthesis of lead structures; evaluation of inhibitory activity
Nicholas Mitchell Chemistry MCO The Development of a Synthetic, Self-Adjuvanting Cancer Vaccine
Prof Chris Hayes Chemistry MCO Selective translational inhibition as a treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Andrew Prayle Computer Science MCO Computational mapping of bacterial communication networks on a pan-microbiome scale
Amanda Wright Engineering MCO Optical techniques for characterising membrane structure and dynamics
Jonathan Wattis Maths MCO Mathematical modelling of TCA cycle metabolism and glycolysis
Markus Owen Maths MCO Modelling and experiment to understand the control of stem cell migration in vivo
Alan McIntyre Medicine MCO Investigating novel transcription regulation of hypoxic cell adaptation
Alan McIntyre Medicine MCO The role of hypoxic signalling regulation on transcription in reactive astrocytosis
Amanda Tatler Medicine MCO Developing Precision Cut Lung Slices as an Ex Vivo Model to Test Novel Gene Therapies Delivered by Aerosol or Dry Powder Inhaler
Anbarasu Lourdusamy Medicine MCO Elucidating hypoxia-induced non-coding RNA regulatory networks using integrated analyses
Beth Coyle Medicine MCO Modelling the brain tumour microenvironment in 3D using tailored hydrogels
Stuart Smith Medicine MCO MicroRNA control of the metabolic response to hypoxia in malignancy
Dr Abdol Nateri Medicine MCO Exploring the key genes and signalling pathways related to the thermal stimulation in taste cells
Dr Kenton Arkill Medicine MCO Membrane Proteoglycan Structure
Dr Kenton Arkill Medicine MCO Determining the Vascular Glycocalyx Structure
Dr Kenton Arkill Medicine MCO Extracellular Vesicle Loading Mechanisms- The Lipid Prospective
Dr Wayne Carter Medicine MCO Can repair to redox systems provide a novel therapeutic strategy to slow progressive ageing decline and neurodegenerative disease?
Professor Ian Sayers Medicine MCO Molecular characterisation of respiratory virus – lung interactions to identify new anti-viral drug targets.
Professor Raheela Khan Medicine MCO Multi-scale platform for imaging sodium gradients in placental cells
Andrew Prayle Medicine MCO Investigation of sodium and mucous physiology of the airway epithelium with sodium magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging
Virginie Sottile Medicine MCO Metabolic footprinting applied to cell culture for non-destructive monitoring of stem cells in vitro
Anna Maria Pccinini Pharmacy MCO Extracellular communication via exosomes and their microRNAs: does the extracellular matrix play a role?
David Heery Pharmacy MCO PIP5K1A – integrating lipid signalling with nuclear function
Keith Spriggs Pharmacy MCO EGFR under stress – understanding gene expression in health and disease.
Charlie Laughton Pharmacy MCO Understanding the biological relevance of G protein coupled receptor glycosylation: a combined computational and experimental approach.
Cornelia de Moor Pharmacy MCO The regulation of polyadenylation in inducible gene expression
Jon Aylott Pharmacy MCO Generation and characterisation of nanoparticles with different size and shape
David Heery Pharmacy MCO Exploring the Function of Gene Regulators by CRISPR CAS9 Genome Editing
Dong-Hyun Kim Pharmacy MCO Global metabolite profiling of different human macrophage subsets using advanced metabolomics methods
Dong-Hyun Kim Pharmacy MCO Generation and characterisation of different human macrophage subsets using magnetic cell sorting, fluorescent microscopy and ELSIA
Ingrid Dreveny Pharmacy MCO Transcription factor regulation by ubiquitination – molecular basis of how to activate or deactivate
james dixon Pharmacy MCO Understanding DNA repair in adult tissues: Precision cut lung slices (PCLS) as a model for repair mechanisms and testing of gene editing strategies
james dixon Pharmacy MCO Investigating the differential regulation of cell surface GAG in breast cancer: Using NGPD to isolate cancer cell specific peptides
Professor Barrie Kellam Pharmacy MCO A ligand-guided strategy for fluorescent labelling of native cellular receptors
Sebastiaan Winkler Pharmacy MCO Structure and function of molecular machines involved in eukaryotic RNA degradation and microRNA-mediated repression
Shailesh Mistry Pharmacy MCO Molecular approaches to understanding allosteric modulation at the M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor (mAChR).
Shailesh Mistry Pharmacy MCO Molecular and in-silico interrogation of novel modes of binding at G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)
Catherine Jopling Pharmacy MCO MicroRNA regulation on the inflammatory response
Alan Johnston Psychology MCO Modelling Biological Visual Motion Analysis
Charlotte Bonardi Psychology MCO Substrates of Recognition Memory in Mice
Claudia Danielmeier Psychology MCO Neurobiological adjustments and adaptive behaviour after errors
Dr Nicholas Paul Holmes Psychology MCO The rapid control of hand movements in humans and rodents
Dr. Paula Moran Psychology MCO Understanding circadian clock genes in ageing and cognition
Helen Cassaday Psychology MCO Dark chocolate is best: Neural substrates of stimulus selection
Jan Derrfuss Psychology MCO Neural correlates of adaptive human behaviour
Paul McGraw Psychology MCO Why does the human retina have a cone-enriched rim?
Timothy Ledgeway Psychology MCO How does the visual brain resolve discrepancies between the two eyes?
Tobias Bast Psychology MCO Hippocampo-prefrontal-subcortical circuit in cognition and behaviour
Matias Ison Psychology MCO Neuronal underpinnings of declarative memories: Analysing single neuron recordings from the human brain
Chris Sumner SOLS MCO Towards individualised quantitative models of acoustic information transmission through electrical stimulation in cochlear implant users
Alistair Hume SOLS MCO The role of the actin motor and track assembly proteins in neuronal development and degeneration
Amir Ghaemmaghami SOLS MCO Generation and characterisation of human dendritic cells using metabolomics
Andrew Renault SOLS MCO Developmental control of protein translation
Angus Davison SOLS MCO The evolution and development of left-right asymmetry in snails
Boyan Bonev SOLS MCO Bacterial back-talk: accessory gene regulation and engineering structure-informed antibiotics
Claire Friel SOLS MCO Characterisation of Kinesin-16: a molecular motor implicated in diabetes and renal disease.
Dmitry Veprintsev SOLS MCO The molecular basis of biased signalling and inverse agonism of beta1 adrenergic receptor
Dr Helen Miranda Knight SOLS MCO Ionotropic receptor channels: from discovering new mutations to protein interactions and pharmacological characterisation.
Dr Helen Miranda Knight SOLS MCO Developing STEM nanoscale analysis to examine epigenomic modifications in human brain
Dr Madeleine King SOLS MCO Evaluation of oxytocin as an adjunctive and preventative treatment for schizophrenia, using rodent neurodevelopmental models
Dr Sebastien Serres SOLS MCO The role of JAK/STAT3 pathway in the metabolic adaptation of brain astrocytes
Dr Sebastien Serres SOLS MCO Metabolic phenotyping of mesenchymal stem cell during tissue differentiation
Dr. Steve Briddon SOLS MCO New structure-function approaches to understand the biological relevance of G protein coupled receptor glycosylation
Elizabeth Rosethorne SOLS MCO Role of altered extracellular matrix in driving airway remodelling associated with severe asthma and COPD
Gareth Hathway SOLS MCO The impact of early life pain and adversity upon brain, behaviour and cognition.
Lopa Leach SOLS MCO The human Placenta on a chip
Marios Georgiou SOLS MCO How do polarity proteins, Rho GTPases and cytoskeletal regulators work together to maintain epithelial cell shape?
Prof Fran Ebling SOLS MCO Unravelling the neurobiological mechanism of oxytocin on appetite: role of tanycytes
Professor Kevin Fone SOLS MCO Unravelling the neurobiological mechanism of oxytocin on social behaviour and evaluation as a treatment for Autism
Rob Layfield SOLS MCO Decoding the signal – how ubiquitin-modified substrates are recognised
Rob Layfield SOLS MCO Structure and interactions of the ubiquitin-like domain of TBK1, a kinase linking autophagy and neuroinflammation
Sally Wheatley SOLS MCO Regulation of Monomer-Dimer Switching of Survivin and its Impact on Mitosis.
Andrew Renault SOLS MCO Does polygenic risk score predict disease conversion (using mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to Alzheimer’s as proof of principle)?
Ed Bolt SOLS MCO Investigating genetic ‘Butterfly Effects’ using the transcriptional targets of the MEF2C transcription factor as an exemplar
Jon Aylott SOLS MCO Epigenetics of a master-regulator of transcription in humans
Keeley Brookes SOLS MCO How to restart a stalled DNA replication fork – genetic, biochemical and biophysical insights from archaea
Martin Walsh SOLS-Diamond MCO Characterising human dendritic cells using advanced metabolomics methods
Martin Walsh SOLS-Diamond MCO Development and evaluation of molecular probes to examine the importance of conformational change and vibrational modes in the tuberculosis target InhA
Peter Shaw SOLS MCO The contribution of STAT3 and the oxidative stress response pathway to genetic brain disorders
Peter Shaw SOLS MCO Mono-ubiquitination and conformational flexibility of the ETS-domain of ELK-1
Robert Layfield SOLS MCO Regulation of autophagy and mitochondrial function by FoxOs: implications for atrophy and neurodegeneration
Ronald Chalmers SOLS MCO Elucidating signals controlling migrating stem cells in vivo
Sally Wheatley SOLS MCO Molecular mechanism of Hel308 helicase in DNA repair linked to replication
Thorsten Allers SOLS MCO Generation and characterisation of nanoparticles with different size and shape
Tim Constantin SOLS MCO Monitoring tubulin dynamics during mitosis using tubulin-mcherry and FRAP
Catrin Rutland Vet MCO The genetic and metabolic factors affecting cardiovascular health
Cinzia Allegrucci Vet MCO Investigating the immune response to breast cancer stem cell antigens: implications for cancer diagnosis and therapy
Julia Kydd Vet MCO Development and characterisation of an in vitro model of the equine corpus luteum
Kevin Gough Vet MCO The mapping of autoantibody responses to breast cancer to stratify disease
Nigel Mongan Vet MCO Molecular readers of mRNA methylation: fundamental biology, development and cancer
Prof Kate White Vet MCO Characterising a complete ethogram of pain in dairy cattle due to traumatic and infectious lesions using objective behavioural indices and biomarkers.
Prof. Kin-Chow Chang Vet MCO To understand the mechanisms of pro- and anti-viral functions of NF-κB signalling in influenza virus infection


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