Global Philanthropy Alliance – ABOUT OUR GRANTMAKING


Global Philanthropy Alliance is a non-profit, public foundation organized under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. We make small grants ($2500-$10,000 USD) to youth led or youth empowering organizations in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa working to find entrepreneurial solutions to social problems in their communities.

Meet Our Grantees—Youth Making a Difference!


Youth can be a powerful driver of change in communities everywhere. Investing in youth is a unique opportunity to empower future leaders and capture their positive energy for sustainable development and poverty reduction.


We seek out leading grassroots organizations who are addressing issues in their communities by using new and innovative ideas, empowering youth to be leaders of change, and promoting local philanthropy.
We work to link donors, grantees and other partners to achieve greater impact.
We seek to learn from our grantees and their work in an effort to share best practices and improve our grant-making.
Projects are selected based on their potential to engage local stakeholders, empower youth and create positive change in their community.


Grantees are chosen by our Africa Country Committee, a group consisting of professionals working in Africa and African community leaders with experience serving non-profit organizations whose purpose is to advance youth development and/or community socioeconomic development.
This committee serves to assure that the efforts engaged in the developing world are appropriate for the communities and to achieve the goals. Africa Advisory Committee members will nominate projects to be supported by GPA, as funds are available and as the group collectively learns the most effective approaches to reach the goals.


Only a small percentage of U.S. philanthropic donations go to local people and organizations in developing countries. We believe that these social entrepreneurs and organizations are positioned to have the greatest impact of any development effort due to their distinct ability to assess community needs and devise unique solutions to address issues of greatest concern to the health, wealth and well-being of their community.


Definition of Social Entrepreneurs (credit: David Bornstein): Social entrepreneurs are individuals seeking meaningful work to build, join, advocate for, or support organizations that are more innovative, more responsive, and operationally superior to the traditional social structures. They have new ideas to address major problems, changing behavior patterns and perceptions and shifting economic resources out of an area of lower and into an area of higher productivity and greater yield. More people today have the freedom, time, wealth, health, exposure, social mobility, and confidence to address social problems in new bold ways. Entrepreneurs in poorer countries have to reach far more people with far less money with innovative ideas. They deal with problems that were not successfully addressed with existing institutions, so they escape old formats and invent new forms of organizations with more freedom, more effectiveness and more productive engagement. In a recent important paper on revolutions in global philanthropy (attached), Martin defines it: Social entrepreneurs typically use market mechanisms to deliver a good or a service in a highly effective fashion to a marginalized or poor population that would not have the same level of access to the good or service otherwise.


In order to be sustainable, development must be a transformational process facilitated by communities and involving a variety of stakeholders. GPA seeks to support change-oriented community leaders and organizations by linking them with additional resources support their efforts and working collaboratively to evaluate and learn from their projects.


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