Technicolor Router – Securing Remote Access / Users

About this guide:

This guide covers how to further secure a Technicolor TG589VAC v2 router by ensuring the security of the user accounts, and controlling whether external access to the router web interface is allowed.

Controlling Remote Access:

    1. Open an Internet browser. Launch the Technicolor interface by visiting:

    1. Click the Sign In button in the top-right of the screen:

    2. Login using the username engineer and your password, which is the unique access keyprinted underneath your router. Note: the access key is case-sensitive.

    3. Click Sign in to continue.
    1. You will now be taken back to the main Technicolor interface.
    1. You should now see a box for Assistance, which should be off by default. You can toggle whether this is enabled or disabled by using the on/off sliding switch in the top-right of the box.

    2. If it is enabled, you can click on the Assistance box to display the details of the remote assistance, which will include the URL and the username and password required for entry to an external user.

    3. The remote assistance should disable itself automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Amending/Removing Users:

  1. In the Technicolor menu interface, click User Management in the Management box.

  2. The users list will be displayed on screen, this will include the default system accounts:

  3. From here you are able to add, edit and remove existing user accounts.


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