Indian techies are opting freelance jobs; earning upto $120 per hour

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Rajat Kabade

Indian IT professionals working in MNCs are constantly worried about their skills getting outdated. The techies in India are increasingly opting for freelance jobs over the permanent job offers.

The Indian IT industry contributes to 77% of the nation’s total revenue. However with the changing dynamics of Indian IT industry, retaining the high-paying IT jobs has become difficult. A survey by ManpowerGroup suggests that a number of IT professionals in India are moving away from the permanent jobs to freelance positions.

The survey covered 18,000 IT professionals working in 43 countries in six industry sectors. Most of these professionals believe that digitization will impact their job role in the next two years. The IT jobs in the country have already started decreasing, employers are expecting the IT professionals to update their skill set to retain the jobs.

Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are expected to take away the permanent jobs in next two years. While it will create new jobs, the professionals that upskill their knowledge will be able to bag these positions. The techies that are sticking their core field are opting for freelance career options over the tradition day jobs.

The latest skills that today’s job market demands include data visualization, data mining, AI, machine learning and digital marketing. The study by Manipal Global Education suggests that the leading Indian IT companies are changing their business strategies to create more opportunities in these latest IT trends.

On the other hand, freelance career options are paying well to professionals sticking to their the core technical fields. The total billed amount has increased by 2,300% in the last year. The fastest-growing skills for freelancers include latest programming languages like Swift, AngularJS, Python, Cloud computing and machine learning.

In the global market, Indian techies have a huge demand for freelance and consulting positions. Online platforms like let these professionals offer their services. The largest population of registered professionals on are Indians. The data published by Bloomberg report states that Indian professionals are billing an average hourly rate of $123 per hour for the freelance services in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).


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