By Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D. – President, Consumer Awareness Institute

MLMbooks-1The eBook Multi-level Marketing Unmasked is the complete guide to understanding the flaws – and proving and countering the effects – of MLM s (multi-level marketing schemes. The most frequently asked questions are answered by a highly qualified independent analyst and expert witness, based on 20 years research on over 600 MLMs, on top of 30 years experience, teaching, and research regarding sales and home business opportunities.

Depending on your interest, the book can be downloaded in sections, as described below. Or  you can download the entire eBook Multi-level Marketing Unmasked, plus two special supplemental reports in book form –COMPLAINTS TO THE FTC ABOUT MLMS and REGULATORY CAPTURE: The FTC’s Flawed Business Opportunity Rule. (See descriptions of these books and links at the bottom of this page.)

Top MLM attorney Douglas M. Brooks stated in reference to these books that they are “the most comprehensive and impressive set of works on MLM in the world.” Also, Bruce Craig, former Assistant to Wisconsin’s Attorney General, wrote to Dr. Taylor, “You deserve a lot of credit for assembling the relevant, massive, incriminating, and troubling data concerning pyramids, and also for your in-depth commentary on what has to be the fraud of the [20th] century.”

“Because of the thorough treatment of the MLM industry, one legal expert suggested that the book “Multi-level Marketing Unmasked” should bring a hefty price. However, as the author, I am pleased to offer these books for free download, as explained at the bottom of this page. I only ask one thing in return. Please tell five people about these books and this website, and ask that they each tell five more, etc., etc. In so doing, you can assist in establishing an endless chain of truth-telling about MLM. ” – Jon M. Taylor

Opinions abound. This book answers the need for research-based information – an ultimate resource for legislatures, regulators, attorneys, the media – and consumers considering MLM as possible income opportunity.

If you are considering participating in an MLM program, and have not already done so, be sure to get their compensation plan and run it through the “5-step do-it-yourself MLM Evaluation.”

In the PREFACE and SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, the purpose of the book is explained, followed by letters of endorsement by leading experts on the subject. What follows is a brief summary of what was found from the most extensive research ever done by a qualified independent expert.

Click on the chapters below to open and read a description of their contents. (and click to close)

DOWNLOAD:  Multi-level Marketing Unmasked – Introduction, Summary, and Chapters 1 and 2  (99-page pdf file)

DOWNLOAD: Multi-level Marketing Unmasked – Chapters 3-8 (150-page pdf file, including introductory pages)

DOWNLOAD: Multi-level Marketing Unmasked – Chapters 9-13  (242-page pdf file, including prefatory pages and conclusions for the book.)

DOWNLOAD the entire eBook Multi-level Marketing Unmasked  (466-page pdf file, including all illustrations, exhibits, and appendices. This collection of evidence is compelling and convincing.) Or if time is limited,  you can download and read the ABRIDGED VERSION in question and answer format (88-page pdf file)



Complaints filed against MLMs, no-product pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, and pay-to-play chain letters received in 2013 by the Federal Trade Commission are reformatted for easy reading, and followed (in Part III) by relevant observations and some surprising findings.

DOWNLOAD eBook: COMPLAINTS Filed with the FTC against Multi-level Marketing Programs (368-page pdf file)

REGULATORY CAPTURE: The FTC’s Flawed Business Opportunity Rule

This report documents how the DSA (Direct Selling Association) lobby helped the MLM (multi-level marketing) industry gain an exemption from the FTC Business Opportunity Rule, leaving consumers unprotected from the most unfair and deceptive of business practices – proving the need for a firewall between regulators and those they regulate – and for public officials with the skill and the will to stand up against powerful special interests

DOWNLOAD eBook:  REGULATORY CAPTURE – the FTC’s Flawed Business Opportunity Rule. (220-page pdf file)

As these books and  reports are continually being updated and revised, your feedback is welcome! Please forward your Comments and any relevant data or information to add to the author’s base of information and research.

NOTE: A limited supply of bound hard copies are available at the cost of printing and shipping. Please contact the author directly for a quote for the copies desired. Send email request to Dr. Jon Taylor at – jonmtaylor@juno.com


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