Cidinha Campos (English)

Maria Aparecida Campos Straus, known as Cidinha Campos ( Sao Paulo , September 5 of 1942 ) is a journalist , broadcaster and political Brazilian affiliate, the PDT since 1990.

Presented along with Durval de Souza Jr Pullman children’s program, the TV Record, Current Rede Record . He joined the cast member of Family Rag , the hugely successful comedy program produced and broadcast by TV Record in São Paulo in the late 60’s and was the precursor to such attractions as The Great Family and Sai low .

Was gossiping in radio show “Gossip of Cidinha” in Radio Panamericana , of St. Paul. Along with Hebe Camargo helped interview guests on the program Hebe Camargo, the TV Record, today Rede Record . Your e-magazine type program, D-Day Record on TV, was the first to use ” character generator “on television in Brazil . [ lacks sources presented along with Walter Forster the first program in the color TV Tupi , the system Pal- M. It was the first international reporter from Globo TV , doing interviews for the Fantastic .

In Tupi Network served as host and judge of the program Flávio Cavalcanti . He also served in the Band and the CNT . She was married to the novelist Carlos Manuel who has a daughter named Maria Carolina (writer, screenwriter and goddaughter of Hebe Camargo and Agnaldo Rayol ). He fell in love after the director and producer Carlos Manga . His involvement in politics began in 1982, the year of the first direct elections for state governors after 16 years. Cidinha commanded in his program on Radio Tupi , a series of interviews with the candidates for governor of Rio de Janeiro.

After interviewing Leonel Brizola , said his vote in the political air gaucho . Since then Cidinha brizolists became a fervent, if elected federal deputy for the first time in 1990 . The following year, he moved to Radio Headline , remaining there until the mid-90. As parliament denounced the Mafia acted in INSS . In 1992 ran for mayor of Rio de Janeiro, where despite the bias, did not attend the second round, being overtaken by Benedicta of Silva and Cesar Maia , the latter on the eve of the election [ citation needed In 1998 decides to run for a seat in ALERJ . Re-elected state representative in the 2006 elections, led a morning show on Radio Haroldo de Andrade until January 2007.
Cidinha resigned from the station by considering the unsatisfactory working conditions.

On March 24th of 2010 , Campos Cidinha became a phenomenon in social networks Twitter and Facebook and the website YouTube , with major repercussions in countries like Portugal , Angola and Mozambique , because of inflamed speeches from the tribune of Alerj on complaints against also the state representative Joseph Nader ( PTB ), a self appointed to a vacancy in the Court of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The video of the speeches was later translated to Spanish , which also gave him some notoriety in Latin America and Spain . Cidinha PTB accuses the congressman and his family by the practice of corruption.

She was elected in 2010 , the PDT, the position in Alerj, with 89,553 votes [1] , so the tenth most votes for the deputy Alerj. Among the members of PDT, however, was the second most votes, as Wagner Montes received nearly six times more votes than Cidinha, which was the most voted for Alerj. Joseph Nader and Nader Joseph Jr. , his famous opponents in 2010, not elected.

After elections in 2010, returned to TV in Cidinha Bandeirantes in Rio de Janeiro with the name of the program Cidinha Free , from 14:00 to 15:00, competing directly with fellow party and Alerj, Wagner Hills .



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