The 9-Part FREE Silva Method Starter Kit

The 9-Part FREE Silva Method Starter Kit

Silva Method starter kit - Your Eternal Reservoir of Power.

Part 1:

Your Eternal Reservoir of Power

You’ll begin your journey with a step-by-step guide to figuring out what you really want in life. You’ll also discover 3 fascinating case studies revealing the hidden power of the human mind.

Silva Method starter kit - The Silva Centering Exercise.

Part 2:

The Silva Centering Exercise

Enter the Alpha Level of mind with this world-famous 25-minute guided meditation audio. Many listeners have reported reduced stress, enhanced creativity and amplified intuition. What will you experience?

Silva Method starter kit - Boost Creativity with The Alpha Level.

Part 3:

Boost Creativity With The Alpha Level

How do some people pull incredibly creative ideas seemingly out of thin air? Learn how the creative mind really works, and how it’s possible to train your mind for enhanced creativity on demand.

Silva Method starter kit - Turbo-Charging Your Visualizations

Part 4:

Turbo-Charging Your Visualizations

Creative Visualization is a classic personal growth technique—but do you know how to really get it working for you? Learn detailed step-by-step instructions on how to visualize effectively, and how to use positive statements and leverage left brain-right brain differences to lock in your visualizations.

Silva Method starter kit - The 5 Rules of Mind-Body Healing

Part 5:

The 5 Rules of Mind-Body Healing

Science has suggested that it’s possible to accelerate physical, emotional and spiritual healing with the sheer power of your mind. Learn the 5 rules of Mind-Body Healing, and how to take advantage of this natural phenomenon.

Silva Method starter kit - The Astonishing Story of Jose Silva

Part 6:

The Astonishing Story of Jose Silva

Discover the fascinating story behind the man who founded The Silva Method, and how he went from humble radio repairman to one of the world’s most respected authorities on human potential.

Silva Method starter kit - Reclaiming Your Lost Sense

Part 7:

Reclaiming Your Lost Sense

You were born with it, but it was stolen from you—find out why we believe all humans are born with ESP/intuition/psychic abilities, why most of us lose it in our childhood, and simple techniques you can use to get it back.

Silva Method starter kit - Silva's 6-Step Goal Setting Formula

Part 8:

Silva’s 6-Step Goal Setting Formula

Everyone knows about goal setting, but most of us don’t know how to do it right. Discover The Silva Method’s unique 6-step approach to goal setting, so you can finally reach for even your most out-there dreams.

Silva Method starter kit - Finding Your Higher Purpose

Part 9:

Finding Your Higher Purpose

What’s equally as important as setting goals is finding the right goals that complement your life purpose. In this final part you’ll learn how to set your ‘purpose compass’, remove all doubt, and be the person you were born to be.


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