ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension clients add new levels of interoperability between geoportal catalogs and ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Explorer. They are available for both publishers and end users.

Clients for End Users

CS-W clients for ArcGIS—Enable discovering and using GIS resources available at a GIS portal directly from ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Explorer. Use the clients to

  • Search metadata catalogs directly from ArcMap or ArcGIS Explorer.
  • View the title and abstract of search results and download the metadata .xml.
  • Add referenced live map services to an ArcMap document or ArcGIS Explorer globe.

ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 or higher is required to install the ArcMap component of the CS-W clients for ArcGIS.

The CS-W Client for ArcGIS Explorer component requires ArcGIS Explorer Build 380 or higher.
Download the CS-W clients for ArcGIS.

Clients for Metadata Publishers

The Publish Client is a tool for ArcCatalog that lets you easily publish metadata from your local desktop to the geoportal. The metadata can come from shapefiles, personal geodatabases, enterprise geodatabases, or any other local data formats for which you can create metadata in ArcCatalog. For publishing metadata from ArcIMS Metadata Services, we recommend setting up a harvesting schedule using the ArcGIS Server Geoportal extension harvesting capabilities.

ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 is required to install the Publish Client.
Download the Publish Client.

Visit Common Questions for more information about the Geoportal extension clients.

ArcCatalog is a geodatabase administration application in ESRI’s ArcGIS suite. It provides an integrated and unified view of all the data files, databases, and ArcGIS documents, integrating information that exists in many forms, including relational databases, files, ArcGIS documents, and remote GIS web services.

Specifically, ArcCatalog allows an ArcGIS user to:

  • Browse and find geographic information
  • Record, view, and manage metadata
  • Define, export, and import geodatabase data models and datasets
  • Search for and discover GIS data on local networks and the Web
  • Create and manage the schemas of geodatabases
  • Administer ArcSDE geodatabases
  • Administer an ArcGIS server

A central place to access GIS information

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