Grupo de CIPAs do Brasil atinge 1250 associados

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  2. Downloads: NIOSH / OSHA / EPA
    Agricultural safety
    Agriculture safety and health
    Alternative keyboards
    Amorphous silica guideline
    Analytical methods manual
    Antineoplastic agents
    Asbestos bibliography
    Asbestos safety and health
    Asphalt fumes
    Asphalt: health effects of occupational exposure
    Asthma and allergies
    Atlas of respiratory disease mortality, US : 1982-1993
    Benzene: occupational exposure
    Bloodborne infectious diseases
    Carbon monoxide dangers in boating
    Carbon monoxide hazards from small gas powered engines
    Chemical agent information for emergency responders
    Chemical hazards: guidelines
    Chemical safety
    Confined spaces
    Construction safety
    Crystalline silica
    Cumulative trauma disorders bibliography
    Cumulative trauma disorders in the U.S. mining industry – NIOSH
    Ecuación NIOSH de levantamiento de cargas
    El estrés en el trabajo
    Electrical safety
    Elements of ergonomic programs
    Emergency response resources
    EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields)
    Ergonomía para trabajadores agrícolas
    Ergonomic intervention for the soft drink beverage delivery industry
    Ergonomic interventions in the building, repair, and dismantling of ships
    Ergonomics for construction workers – NIOSH
    Ergonomics for farm workers
    Ethylene oxide
    Eye safety
    Falls from elevation
    Fatal illness in the workplace
    Fibrous glass
    Fibrous glass: occupational exposure
    Hazard controls
    Hearing conservation programs in the workplace: guide
    Heat stress
    Hexavalent chromium
    Indoor environmental quality
    Industrial noise control manual: guide
    Industrial respiratory protection: guide
    Infectious aerosols
    Manual materials handling
    Metalworking fluids
    Methylene chloride (dichloromethane)
    Motor vehicle safety
    Musculoskeletal disorders and workplace factors
    NIOSH Lifting Equation: applications manual
    NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
    NIOSH software
    Nitrous oxide
    Noise and hearing loss prevention
    Nonfatal occupational illness
    Occupational cancer
    Occupational exposure sampling strategy manual
    Occupational exposure to beryllium
    Occupational exposure to cadmium
    Occupational exposure to cystalline silica
    Occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica
    Occupational heart disease
    Occupational latex allergies
    Occupational mortality data: a guide for the management, analysis, and interpretation
    Occupational respiratory diseases
    Organic solvents
    Participatory ergonomic interventions in meatpacking plants
    Pesticide illness & injury surveillance
    Preventing allergic reactions to natural rubber latex
    Preventing asthma and death from diisocyanate exposure
    Preventing asthma in animal handlers
    Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning from small gasoline-powered engines and tools
    Preventing electrocutions of crane operators and crew members working near overhead power lines
    Preventing injuries and deaths from skid steer loaders
    Preventing injuries and deaths of fire fighters
    Preventing injuries and deaths of loggers
    Preventing knee injuries and disorders in carpet layers
    Preventing needlesticks and sharps injuries
    Preventing scalping and other severe injuries from farm machinery
    Preventing silicosis and deaths in construction workers
    Preventing silicosis and deaths in rock drillers
    Preventing worker deaths and injuries from falls through skylights and roof openings
    Preventing worker injuries and deaths caused by falls from suspension scaffolds
    Preventing worker injuries and deaths from moving refuse collection vehicles
    Protective clothing
    Reproductive health
    Respirator decision logic
    Silica safety and health
    Silica sand in abrasive blasting: evaluation of substitute materials
    Silica: a guide to working safely
    Skin exposures & effects
    Stress at work
    Sulfur dioxide
    Surface electromyography in the occupational setting
    Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene)
    Traumatic occupational injuries
    Video display terminals
    Video exposure monitoring techniques
    Work-related lung disease surveillance report, 2002
    Work-relatedness of disease: guide
    Workplace use of back belts
    Agricultural operations
    Analysis of construction fatalities (1985-89)
    Asbestos advisor
    Asbestos standard: training materials
    Benzene: chemical sampling
    Biological agents
    Bloodborne fact sheets
    Bloodborne pathogens and needlestick prevention
    Bloodborne pathogens: questions and answers
    Computer workstation: evaluating
    Computer workstations
    Confined spaces
    Confined spaces advisor
    Construction industry digest
    Construction industry pocket guide
    Construction: demolition
    Cotton dust
    Crane, derrick, and hoist safety
    Dermal exposure
    Diesel exhaust
    Dry cleaning
    Electric power generation transmission, and distribution industry
    Electrical safety and health
    Emergency preparedness and response
    Ergonomics for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders: guidelines for shipyards
    Ergonomics guidelines for nursing homes
    Ethylene oxide
    Exposicion a patogenos transmitidos por la sangre en el trabajo
    Extremely low frequency radiation
    Eye and face protection
    Fall protection
    Fall protection: construction industry
    Fall protection: emergency
    Fall protection: rebar and concrete formwork
    Fall protection: residential construction
    Fall protection: roofing work
    Fire safety
    Fire safety advisor
    Foodborne disease
    Hand and power tool
    Hazard awareness advisor
    Hazardous and toxic substances
    Health care facilities
    Health guidelines
    Heat stress
    Hexavalent chromium
    Indoor air quality
    Ionizing radiation
    Landscape and horticultural services
    Laser hazards
    Latex allergy
    Machine guarding
    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)information
    Materials handling and storage
    Metalworking fluids
    Methylene chloride
    Molds and fungi
    Motor vehicle safety
    Multiple chemical sensitivities
    Noise and hearing conservation
    Non-ionizing radiation
    Nursing homes and personal care facilities
    Nursing homes: guidelines
    Nursing in occupational health
    Occupational asthma
    Occupational epidemiology
    Occupational fatalities/catastrophes
    Occupational health professionals
    Office of occupational health nursing
    OSHA eTools and Electronic Products
    OSHA Fact Sheets
    OSHA PowerPoint presentations
    OSHA Publications
    OSHA Technical Manual
    Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs)
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    Personal protective equipment guide
    Plastics industry
    Powered industrial trucks
    Powered industrial trucks: training materials
    Pressure vessels
    Printing industry
    Protecting workers from woodworking hazards
    Pulp, paper, and paperboard mills
    Pyrotechnics industry
    Radiofrequency and microwave radiation
    Respiratory protection: Multivapor software – OSHA
    Respiratory protection: OSHA 3079 2002 (Revised)
    Safeguarding equipment and protecting employees from amputations
    Sampling and analysis
    Sampling and analytical methods
    Scaffold use in the construction industry
    Scaffolds guidelines
    Silica eTool – OSHA
    Silica, Crystalline
    Silicosis: training materials
    Synthetic mineral fibers
    Toxic metals
    Trenching and excavation
    Trucking industry
    Welding, cutting, and brazing
    Wood dust
    Workplace injury, illness and fatality statistics
    Acute dermal toxicity
    Ambient monitoring technology information: manual
    Asbestos and vermiculite
    Biological contaminants
    Cancer risk assessment guidelines
    Carcinogenic effects of benzene
    Catreg: software for categorical regression analysis
    Chemical accidents prevention
    Dermal exposure
    EPA test methods: chemical/name index
    Exposure assessment models
    Exposure factors handbook
    Mold resources
    Pesticide consumer alert
    Pesticide poisonings: recognition and management
    Pesticides: environmental effects
    Vibration: technical guideline – NSW/EPA


  3. Downloads: ergonomia
    Alternative keyboards – NIOSH
    Análise ergonômica dos postos de trabalho – Néri dos Santos
    Análise ergonômica: caixa de banco – Cláudio Schmitz
    Análisis biomecánico SEMAC
    Anthropometric measures (planilha Excel) – Thomas E. Bernard
    Anti-EyeStrain Software (shareware) – Opti-Ergo Group
    Antropometría – Claudia E. M. Ibarra e Rigoberto M. Ruíz
    Antropometria e sua utilização na ergonomia – Ciro Romelio R. Añez
    Avaliação biomecânica da atividade de montagem de condicionadores de ar na indústria de auto-peças – Carlos O. D. Piancastelli e Leonardo M. Marchese
    Avaliação postural pelo método OWAS – Lúcia A.Z.R. Zeni
    Banco de teses e dissertações – UFSC
    Break and Stretch software
    Break Time Software (freeware) – Hummingbird
    BreakTime Software (shareware) – Kadmi
    Censo de ergonomia: questionário – Hudson A Couto e Otacílio S Cardoso
    Checklist de Couto: avaliação simplificada do fator biomecânico – Hudson Couto
    Checklist para análise das condições do posto de trabalho ao computador – Hudson Couto et al
    Como trabalhar com o computador – Hudson A Couto
    Computer workstation: evaluating – OSHA
    Computer workstations – OSHA
    CUALALT3.3 software
    Cumulative trauma disorders in the U.S. mining industry – NIOSH
    Cumulative trauma disorders: bibliografia – NIOSH
    Diagnosing low back pain – Eden Wheeler
    Display screen equipment work-related ill health data – HSE
    Ecuación NIOSH de levantamiento de cargas – E.E.E.
    Elements of ergonomic programs – NIOSH
    Ergocise software
    Ergoftalmología – Héctor A S Lamphar
    Ergolândia software – FBF Sistemas
    Ergonomia – Leandro Zvirtes e Marcelo Ochoa
    Ergonomía en el levantamiento de peso (vídeo) – Icon
    Ergonomia na prevenção de lombalgias
    Ergonomia no escritorio – 3M Brasil
    Ergonomia nos escritórios (vídeo) – Ronaldo Duschenes
    Ergonomia para escritórios – manual CCOHS
    Ergonomía para trabajadores agrícolas – NIOSH
    Ergonomia: apostila MTE (I) – Lys Esther Rocha et al
    Ergonomia: apostila MTE (II) – Lys Esther Rocha et al
    Ergonomia: apostilas
    Ergonomia: fundamentos – Neri dos Santos
    Ergonomic intervention for the soft drink beverage delivery industry – NIOSH
    Ergonomic interventions in the building, repair, and dismantling of ships – NIOSH
    Ergonomic solutions – Larry Warner
    Ergonomic Timer software
    Ergonomics – Anika Harris
    Ergonomics – Elisabeth Bennett
    Ergonomics – OSHA
    Ergonomics – WorkSafe
    Ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders – NIOSH
    Ergonomics for construction workers – NIOSH
    Ergonomics for farm workers – NIOSH
    Ergonomics for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders: guidelines for shipyards – OSHA
    Ergonomics guidelines for nursing – OSHA
    Ergonomics of using a mouse or other non-keyboard input device – HSE/UK
    Ergonomics: evaluation tools – lni.wa
    Ergonomics: guidelines for nursing homes – OSHA
    Ergonomix Software (shareware) –
    ErgoSense Software (shareware) – Omniquad
    Estándar de ergonomía del Estado de Washington – EEE
    Estimativas antropométricas – Breviglieri P. Castro
    Estudio ergonómico de las condiciones de trabajo de una cabina de pintura – Jose A. R. Molina et al
    Exame clínico de membros superiores e coluna – Hudon Couto
    Eye Relax Software (shareware) – Uniited Reserch Labs
    EyeCare Reminder Software (freeware) – CGinther
    Fator organização do trabalho: roteiro de entrevista com o trabalhador – Hudson A. Couto
    GeekAlarm! Software (shareware) – Peacekeeper Enterrprises
    Ginástica laboral – Miguel A. Álvarez
    Guia de segurança e conforto – HP
    GYM-O-FIZZ Software (freeware) – Citronixx
    Introduction to ergonomics – Ray Browne
    ItsTime software
    L.E.R: Lesões por esforços repetitivos – fascículos CBOO
    LER/DORT: Instrução Normativa do INSS nº 98 de 05.12.2003
    Levantando peso – cuidando da sua coluna – Nicolau Bello
    Lighten the load: Napo’s film – OSHA.EU
    Lombalgie: les déterminants de l’incapacité – Manon Truchon et al
    Low back pain: guidelines – Facoccmed
    Manuel d’ergonomie pratique en 128 points – OIT-BIT
    MouseTool software
    Musculoskeletal disorders and workplace factors – NIOSH
    NIOSH lifting equation: applications manual
    Noções sobre DORT – Rosemary D. Leão e Claudio C. Peres
    Norma Regulamentadora nº 17: manual de aplicação – MTE
    Office ergonomics – OSU
    Office ergonomics – UTexas
    Oosie Micropause software
    OosTime software
    OWAS: Ovako Working Posture
    Participatory ergonomic interventions in meatpacking plants – NIOSH
    Pausas programadas: softwares – DrSergio
    Projeto ergonômico de centrais de atendimento – Venétia Santos et al
    Pushing and pulling operations – HSE
    Questionário bipolar – avaliação de fadiga – Hudson Couto
    REBA: Evaluación rápida de cuerpo entero – EEE
    RestReminder software
    RSI Warrior Software (shareware) – RSI Warrior Pty
    Rsi-Master software
    RSIGuard software
    RULA: Evaluación rápida de miembro superior
    Segurança no escritório – Marcelo Bortolotto
    SmartMOUSE Software (shareware) – UIExpert
    Strain index: índice de esfuerzo – E.E.E.
    Stretch Break software
    Stretching and flexibility – Brad Appleton
    Surface electromyography for use in the occupational setting – NIOSH
    Take a break and stretch software
    Trabalho com o computador: jogo dos 7 erros
    Valores límite de la ACGIH para vibración segmentaria en mano y brazo – E.E.E.
    Video display terminal guidelines – PEOSH
    Video display terminals – NIOSH
    Video exposure monitoring techniques – NIOSH
    WorkPace Software
    WorkPause Software (shareware) – Praven3 Software
    Workplace use of back belts – NIOSH
    Workrave Software (freeware) – Workrave
    Workstation ergonomics (video) – STS Training
    WristWand software


  4. Downloads: checklists

    ASO – Atestado de Saúde Ocupacional (NR-7)

    Atas da CIPA – Comissão Interna de Prevenção de Acidentes (NR-5)

    Cadeira suspensa: checklist – KSS

    Checklist para LER/DORT (NR-17)

    Checklist para ponte rolante

    General industry self-inspection checklist –Texas

    Laudo técnico: aposentadoria especial (INSS)

    Laudo técnico: insalubridade e periculosidade (NRs 15 e 16)

    PCMAT – Programa de Condições e Meio Ambiente de Trabalho na Indústria da Construção (NR-18)

    PCMSO – Programa de Controle Médico de Saúde Ocupacional (NR-7)

    PPRA – Programa de Prevenção de Riscos Ambientais (NR-9)

    Prevention of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning – NCEH/CDC

    Respirator care – CCOHS

    Sharps injury checklist – SaferNeedlesNow

    VDT workstation checklist – UAB


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